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4/17/2019 12:06:35 AM

US Earth Nuggets


OS Version: 10.0.17763.4088

A Few Caveats, A Lot of Frustration

I've been searching for an alternative to Groove since it's been ruined by Microsoft. This app is decent, but background music results in constant crashing outside of the safe mode option. Under safe mode, while using the official media server app, I can play one song in a playlist before the next one proceeds to buffer endlessly. DLNA seems to be the more reliable option, but it is very slow and songs end up organized by their track titles which is incredibly irritating. A lot of frustration for a paid app, so I would avoid it for now.


8/18/2018 6:36:51 PM

US Vince


OS Version: 10.0.17134.228
Device: LENOVO-ThinkServer TS140
Resolution: 1920x1080
32 GB

Xbox One Cursor?

I don't really understand the use of a cursor for UI. All of the functions work, but getting to them is a pain in the rear when you're forced to use a cursor instead of the d-pad. Also, please fix the alphabetical in the playlist. For instance, if I had a folder opened with: S1E1 S1E2 S1E10 It will play in the following order: S1E1 S1E10 S1E2 … and that's the story of how I inadvertently spoiled West World for myself lol

Developer comment at 8/19/2018 8:32:55 AM

thanks for the feedback, for S1E1 issue will fix in next week release, about the cursor, you can try Remote App use your phone, go to settings => general => allow remote control.


12/7/2017 7:36:43 PM

RU Виктор


OS Version: 10.0.15254.12
Device: 000-11-6071W
Resolution: 1080x1920
3 GB

Есть непонятные моменты

Купил программу для просмотра mkv в режиме continuum. В принципе воспроизводит неплохо за исключением одного момента. Почему не скрывается панель задач на мониторе. Почему не тухнут софтовые клавиши при просмотре на телефоне. А может это я не могу разобраться в настройках из-за крайне кривого перевода. Alcatel idol 4s. Как убрать эту назойливую строку?


4/15/2018 1:33:51 PM

HK lanyikt


Version: 2.9.54010.0
OS Version: 10.0.16299.371
Device: Hasee Computer-QTK5
Resolution: 1920x1080
6 GB


打開之後發現屏幕要比一般的播放器大,結果視頻畫面反而比其他播放器小很多,看著很不舒服。進度條所在位置太尷尬,雖然可以移動,而且添加東西太多,做的小一點比較好。字幕在視頻下面看著很不習慣,添加字幕失敗后畫面直接卡死,只要把視頻和字幕一起打開才可以,還好在線搜索字幕功能比較強大,ui方面根本不需要另闢蹊徑,中規中矩的就好了,這樣反而很難受。 發現選擇進度條上一點預覽畫面閃動頻繁,最小化后視頻卡死。 又發現一條,打開視頻拖動進度條,視頻卡死,最小號后再打開好了,然後繼續拖動,視頻沒有聲音,最小化后又好了,然後拖動繼續卡死。


4/23/2018 5:20:44 PM

MX Oscar


Version: 2.9.54010.0
OS Version: 10.0.16299.371
Resolution: 1920x1080
16 GB

Falta soporte para audio multicanal

Quise reproducir un video en HEVC con audio en AAC de 7.1 canales y no es capaz de decodificar el audio. El video se ve genial pero no puedo escuchar nada :( ojalá pronto pudieran agregar esa funcionalidad porque me agrada mucho su app


2/6/2018 10:02:41 AM

GB Dan


Version: 2.9.50000.0
OS Version: 10.0.17083.1000
Resolution: 1440x900
12 GB

Purchased lifetime membership

There is a issue with purchasing the the lifetime membership once you have purchased it should not be asking to activate the trial ever on xbox or windows so this needs looking into by Microsoft or the developer of the app.


1/31/2020 4:22:12 PM

US Vladimir


Need improvements

it is not comfortable to use on the console. the control is done with the cursor (as on a PC). I hope the developer makes an upgrade in this regard.


2/12/2019 10:55:28 PM

IT Matteo


Version: 2.9.63210.0
OS Version: 10.0.15254.547
Device: 000-IT-RM-1152_15508
Resolution: 720x1280
1 GB

Very good.

For five star add icon on bar for picture in picture on pc,on mobile i want watch video in landscape mode by default.


4/15/2019 5:42:44 AM

CN 博闻


Version: 2.9.65080.0
OS Version: 10.0.17763.437
Device: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.-Zephyrus S GX531GW_GX531GW
Resolution: 1920x1080
40 GB


我开了代理,但是youtube搜索之后出现net_error异常,然后点关闭无法关闭对话框,按esc才有效。 此外我想打开DASH视频流不知如果操作,希望增加DASH xml文件的支持


10/6/2018 2:02:15 PM



Version: 2.9.60032.0
OS Version: 10.0.17763.1


首先是软硬解不能自动切换...看不同视频还需要自己手动切软硬解不是很开心 其次是字幕支持不好,***文件中的title会直接挡住正常的字幕,无法和正常字幕同时显示,这十分糟糕