Setup and use Scorpio Media Server

This tutorial guide will walk you through the steps to setup Scorpio Network Stream Feature.


  • Download Scorpio Network Streaming Server App, click link to download -> Link
  • Download Scorpio Player From Microsoft Store
  • Setup Scorpio Network Streaming
  • Start Stream Your Media Content To you Scorpio Player

After install Scorpio Network Streaming App for Windows you should be see this

In order to use Scorpio Network Streaming you need to know what your PC IP Address is for example,, or your can listen to every network use, and listen to port default is 3320, your are free to change it if you want, then select root folder to Share you media content, this folder should include Folders and Files, sub folder in this version is not support. click Start blue button button, if your see listening on port, you are good to go!

like this:

Start Scorpio Player...

Click Scorpio Network Streaming