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8/18/2018 6:36:51 PM

US Vince


OS Version: Windows 10

Xbox One Cursor?

I don't really understand the use of a cursor for UI. All of the functions work, but getting to them is a pain in the rear when you're forced to use a cursor instead of the d-pad.Also, please fix the alphabetical in the playlist. For instance, if I had a folder opened with:S1E1S1E2S1E10It will play in the following order:S1E1S1E10S1E2… and that's the story of how I inadvertently spoiled West World for myself lol

Developer comment at 8/19/2018 12:32:55 AM

thanks for the feedback, for S1E1 issue will fix in next week release,about the cursor, you can try Remote App use your phone, go to settings => general => allow remote control.


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